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Oct 26, 2022

How will the role of the Corporate Communications team - and its partners - evolve in the near future?

In the last 24 months of repeated disruptions, distortions and discontinuities in the business world, the role of Corporate Communications has been elevated to a critical position in the company ecosystem. Speed, calmness, accountability, flexibility, and resilience are required skills as strategic and tactical stories are carefully managed across all stakeholder groups in what can only be described as 'turbulent times.'

Join us for a wide-ranging discussion drawing on the data from The Conference Board's recent research and the front-line, practical experience of Edelman's leading Corporate Affairs practice. We will explore these topics and deliver informed insights on how the future of the Corporate Communications team – and its partners – is likely to evolve.

Ivan Pollard, Center Leader of the Marketing & Communications Center at The Conference Board, is joined by Jim O’Leary – Edelman U.S. COO, Corporate Affairs Practice Chair, and Global Chair of Impact & ESG.